When you find yourself you find love Because they are the same

Knowing myself

In these days I have realized that I needed to know myself better because my actions on the present are a reflection of my past and I didn’t understood that. So to become more and more happy, my first step... Continue Reading →

Seeing light in the dark

Today my head was a mess since I woke up to go to bed. All day I've been trying to make me realize that my doubts were not meant to be and that everything was going to be okay. But nothing... Continue Reading →

We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are

Let's just stop completely for a bit. Breathe slowly. And now look around you and realize the beauty of each thing, the space around you, wherever you are, look at the objects, at the people and think about what they... Continue Reading →

I will always follow my happiness

Sometimes it’s difficult to believe in ourselves and follow our happiness when we are surrounded by people and ideas that are the opposite of what we are and what we think. They make us think that by following our happiness... Continue Reading →

Finding yourself

Well, I spend a lot of time in what I usually call my world, it's just like I have another reality. Well it's not “just like” I really have. But sometimes I think about the reality for another people, and... Continue Reading →

Love is…

Love is… Love is like a physical and mental connection. It can't be fully put into words, it is always felt, shown, created ... in many ways. In love there is never right or wrong. There are feelings, emotions and... Continue Reading →

Ana´s Shadow

I’ve always had a strange feeling about the family that lived in the other side of my street, a couple with a daughter and they were expecting a baby. Even though they seemed like a nice family, they barely speak... Continue Reading →

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