♡ Perfect Love ♡

Once upon a time… well you know the story right?

A girl met a boy and they live a happy life forever and ever on this world.

But let’s change the story a little bit, let’s change it … to my story.

This girls meets the boy and he shows her the moon and the stars, they will guide them to the happy life and they will live there forever and ever.

And we think “It isn’t real, this is too good to happen”.

Well I can tell you for sure that it is true, because this was what happened to me.

You know, when you find that person that can make you feel loved, special, safe and you know that you can trust everything to him/her

I’m not telling you that it is easy, sometimes things gets hard but it doesn’t mean too much because you two love each other and this is what matters.

Love always wins, I believe in that with my heart and my soul.

I am loved and being loved is so good, is so peaceful, makes you feel like you are Love!

So… this is for you, this is for the love of my life:

“Thank you for showing me the stars, the moon, love and the universe

I fall in love with you and we fall in love with the stars and the moon

They are our happy place, where we belong

I have no words to describe you, you shine more than stars

I love your smile, I love your laugh, I love the way you look at me

I love when you kiss my hand and take me photos

I love every detail of you

You are perfect! And you knowing it makes you more special yet!

You light me like the moon light the sky at night

We are one forever and we will shine forever

Our love is our reflex

When I’m with you it’s just us, the world doesn’t exist anymore

I feel in paradise

I’m the happiest girl on the universe

I couldn’t imagine the world without you

And when I remember when I fell in love with you I can´t stop smiling

My head always said to me “It is never going to happen, he will never look at you!”

But the truth is… my heart never lost hope, I remember perfectly the way I use to feel when I was with you at that time.

When someone said your name I smiled, when I saw you I smiled, when you smiled I smiled and when you looked at me my heart beat so fast!

Well, things have not changed much in those aspects.

I never told you that but… I always got jealous when I saw you or listen you talking with other girls, my head said to me “see he don’t like you that way! Wake up”

Maybe you didn’t like me that way at that time

But in secret I always thought that I was special for you

And guess what… I believe on that and I was right!

I never stop believing in love

I never stop believing that you and I will cross the universe and surpass everything for our love

I love you so much

I love every moment with you, every smile and every kiss

You make me feel special, happy and safe

Thanks for everything

I love you more and more and more every day

You are my world

With love,

The love of your life”

You are mine, I am yours

I got you, you got me

I reflect you, you reflect me

We are one

The world is our dream



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